I will never stop fighting cancer

Life is never about how you look or what you wear.
Not even when we talk about expensive dresses and shiny catwalks.
Don´t misjudge me.

For me, life is about finding inner peace, feeling acceptance and surrounding myself with beautiful mysteries of lives.
When amazing Gabi asked me to join her team last week, I really hesitated.
How am I to be part of glamour and beauty?
With a body scarred from operations and chemo. What good could possible come from it.
To be compared to others with unblemished bodies and light mind.
I forced myself to say yes. To leave my comfort zone and to prove (to my self), I belong here!

I didn´t only say yes to overcome my fear.
I also said yes to be a part of a world renowned designer and artist Lars Wallins mannequin team, for two nights.
Ironically this glamour event turned out to be something deeper for me.
Remember, it´s not about beauty or what you wear.
It´s about that radiant strong feeling you get, when you leave your fears behind.
If that means wearing a haute-couture dress or singing out loud or just saying yes to something adventurous. It doesn’t matter.

So when I saw myself standing there, with my favorite designers arm around my waist, dressed in one of his masterpieces.
I felt that kick ass feeling.
I had faced my fear and I hadn’t let that cancer make me doubt myself anymore.
I hadn’t let that cancer take away my spirit or my desire for life, art and crazy glamour events.
Walking home that evening, I felt my spirit grow and that I in a symbolic way, I had kicked that horrible cancer far away from my mind.

Still in that glamorous moment, I  can´t stop thinking of all those women-warriors still struggling with cancer, who can’t wear haute-couture dresses, or drink cold champagne or sing out loud, or say yes to adventures.
Because cancer is ganging up on there dreams and body.
Thats why my battle continues.
I will never stop fighting cancer and the side effects that comes along. Or stop inspiring people to stand tall even if times get tough during or after cancer.
And that´s why I want you to be a part of my project FIGHT CANCER AND RUN.
So we can continue to raise money for cancer research and raise awareness about this horrible disease. (2014 we raised almost 10 000€)
Please join our movement, FIGHT CANCER AND RUN
Because I want every women, who struggle from cancer, to feel that kick-ass feeling, that only life can give!


Jag tillsammans med Lars Wallin, förstår ni hur stort det är??!?!?! :-))))))

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